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Fracturing headForgings are widely used in petrochemical industries, such as sleeves, valve covers, valve bodies, etc. Such forgings have the characteristics of high pressure resi

Crankshaft forgingsShaft forgings are cylindrical objects that are worn in the middle of the bearing or the middle of the wheel or the middle of the gear, but a small number of them a

Ring forgingWind power gears, ring gears and shafts are mechanical transmissions that transmit power and motion, and are suitable for various industries. It has the characteris

Anchor seriesAnchorage can be divided into tension end anchorage and fixed end anchorage according to the form of use. Fork lugs and anchor plates are also indispensable parts o

Intermediate shaft for boatsShip shafts, rudder bearings, rudder pins, rudder shafts, rudder sterns and other marine forgings are essential components on ships. China is a country with many ri

17-4PH cylinder barrelNuclear power components are important components of nuclear power equipment, and their technical parameters and performance indicators have high standards. Materia

CouplingsIt connects the prime mover and the shaft of the working machine and transmits the torque.It can properly compensate the radial, axial and angular errors of the two

Injection mold steelCommonly used die forgings include forging circles, squares, rings, round through pieces, etc. The materials include: Cr12MoV, Cr12, H13, 5CrMnMo, 5CrNiMo, injectio

45# hydraulic cylinderThe hydraulic cylinder has the characteristics of simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable performance, convenient use and maintenance, and wide ap

ABOUT US Jiangyin Hongfeng Hardware Forging Co.,Ltd (formerly known as Jiangyin Qingshan Hardware Forging Co., Ltd.) has mechanical manufacturing engineers and professional technicians, full-time inspection and testing personnel, management personnel and many skilled operators. The company is located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River, the economically developed land of southern Jiangsu - Jiangyin Lingang New Town Shizhuang Industrial Park. The company's location is excellent, with the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in the south, the golden waterway of the Yangtze River in the north, Changzhou Nanjing in the west, and Suzhou and Shanghai in the east.
Our company can produce high-quality free forgings such as cakes, ring forgings, cylinders, and shafts with a diameter of less than 11 tons and 3 meters. Learn more >
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    Laser quenching processing of 30# steel forgingsLaser quenching means that the laser generator produces high-efficiency energy particle beams.

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